The Harbertonford Community Hub Survey Results

A paper and online survey of the village of Harbertonford was carried out over a period of two weeks in October 2019.

There was approximately a 30% response. The following bar-chart illustrates the support for the Community Hub and gives an indication of the likely level of usage. So 38% or respondents would use the facilities twice a week or more.

The bar-chart below shows which services are of most importance to residents. So the Post Office (97%), the Shop (93%) and the Bar-Café (61%).

The following bar-chart, is specific to the shop and gives an indication of the types of produce residents would like to see available.

The survey also included a question about the kind of activities that the Community Hub should support and below is a summary list of the suggestions received ordered by popularity:

Provisional Pledges
The survey asked for an indication of how much people would invest in shares, or donate. This yielded a figure of about £28,000.

The number of people offering their services as volunteers was 69. The number interested in serving on the management committee was 20;

Adults and Children
The number of adults was 531. The number of children was 98 being 18.4%. This is very close to the Office of National Statistics figure for 2016 of 18.9% for children under 15. This correlation helps to provide confidence that the survey results can be relied upon.

Survey Conclusion
While the survey results did not produce any surprises, it has served to confirmed the wide-spread support for the project which we can now build on.